A big bag for a big girl…

Axelle, 14, had wanted a bag for the beginning of the scholar year. But not just an ordinary one, a holdall bag with: a large holder strap, large handles, three inside pockets, each one adapted to a smartphone, transportations card and canteen card, to her keys and also a hidden zipped pocket!!! The specs being established and the choice of fabric made (leatherette of taupe color), all that was expected was for me to get to work…

I started from the tutorial « La poule », by adapting it to miss’s demands.

Bu I had a hard time with this one. I started by sewing the zipped pocket. Not a big deal you might think… not so sure…

Having made a too big slit, I put a piece of leatherette to the extremities so as to hide my error. Then I sewed the double of the pocket. I enjoyed what it looked like. Except that, when I assembled the double I realized I hadn’t assembled on one side but on the bottom of the bag. Grrrrrrrrrrr

All right there I go again… Pffff!! My second attempt was much better…The slit was of the right length and at the right place this time.

After all these setbacks, photos below.

The ones of my stupidity :



And those of the finished bag!


I am pretty proud of the results… That one I would really kept it for myself …

Axelle thinks it is « too beautiful » and so do her friends.

The bag comes with a square, doubled, coordinated case with a small pocket for a USB flash drive. The case was pretty much successful as well 😉


Axelle has two sisters who have their own case for the new school year. I will show them to you soon 😉

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