The second one…


Still have a lot of things to show you and I can hardly wait to exhibit this health book cover I have just finished and which rejoined its addressee. After numerous exchanges with Delphine, who had wanted a cover for her baby-to-come heath book, I made up the latter by all machine made embroidery, with a little bear ‘Teddy me to you’, keen to her heart as well as the baby’s name on it. A zipper closes it all. This artefact surely caused me trouble! I had to start all over again because my needle broke and caused a hole in the middle of the baby’s name. And I had almost finished the embroidery, grrrrr! I’m sure I was the only one to see the defect but I just couldn’t go on with it!

Then, as I tried to put on the zipper, I realized it was 5 cm shorter so… a quick stop at the haberdashery and the error was repaired!

The small Aurélien has an elder brother so I added a pair of mitt wipes as a present.



– MT fabric and Euro fabric, towel fabric from stock Madeira embroidery thread –

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