Star fisherman


In order to complete the panoply of my baby boy I absolutely needed a bath wrap. It is very easy to make, quite practical. It is embroidered by the machine. I do not usually double the hood and I embroider directly on the terry towel but I find it to be more beautiful that way. Don’t you agree?

The pattern is a home made model, as well as the biais.




MT fabric and terry towel Butinette

Embroidery thread Madeira

A new little boy !

Called Thibaut.

This boy was born this summer.

The birth present has been given just after the second day. This time, I was not in late (in fact, the present was ready long time before)

This set has been done with the same colors than his bedroom, green and brown.

All the pixie’s pieces have been fused then embroidered with a specific shiny sewing thread

The cover (100×70 cm) is lined with fleece.

couv lutin

couv lutin3jpg

couv lutin2

And the teddy with small bell

couv lutin1

couv lutin4The teddy model comes from the superb book of Anne Alletto, « Créenfantin » blog’s author. And the cover model has been also inspired by her.

I like dinosaurs and the red color !

A small Camille is just born and his aunt wanted to offer a small colorful present. The theme was dinosaurs and the red color (mom’s favorite color)
A bath robe embroidered with his name and a small dino applied, a small picture and a large dino bag lined with polka dot.


To this is added a blanket, soft on one side and thecolorfull on the other. All parties have been applied.


some details on the dinos…



and finally two small bibs, we’re out the theme (no dino !) but the goal was to make a small nod to …
Mom painter in her spare time …


and to the dad who likes music…