A little dress for Eline

Here I am with a little dress for our home’s miss. This very pretty model in finely striped velvet is issued from Ottobre number 6/2013.
The robe has 3/4th sleeves that I stretched out, is doubled in cotton veil, and, above all, it has a girl’s thing: un underskirt in tulle. And that she really likes. The base model is rather large on my pretty one, so I had to reduce the model for about 6 cm on each side so as to be presentable.
To simplify my work I chose a finely striped material with motifs. Not a very good idea though: I had to juggle with joints vertically as well as horizontally.
The result is almost perfect 😉






Finely striped velvet MT
Tulle and cotton veil Eurotissu


The new scholar year approaches…

For her CE2 scholar year, Eline had wished new pencil cases or something like sleeves for her crayons and felt pens. I had been doing some research on the Internet but I could not find what I was looking for. So, after doing some thinking, here they are.
Each sleeve may contain 24 crayons or felt pens.
The fabric is coated cotton, doubled in cotton. The reinforcement is made of hard plastic, they close with magnets.
The front is covered by flex chosen by my Chouquette.
– coated cotton MT, cotton MT and Butinette-
– Flex transfer ID made with my Silhouette Portrait-

To complete the panoply…

A new pencil case completes the panoply of our little school girl. It is made of leatherette and decorated with silver flex. This pencil case is also set with silver piping and doubled with flowered cotton.
The leatherette seems ideal for this the of case as it conveys good solidity.
I really like this model which risks to led to more 😉



A big bag for a big girl…

Axelle, 14, had wanted a bag for the beginning of the scholar year. But not just an ordinary one, a holdall bag with: a large holder strap, large handles, three inside pockets, each one adapted to a smartphone, transportations card and canteen card, to her keys and also a hidden zipped pocket!!! The specs being established and the choice of fabric made (leatherette of taupe color), all that was expected was for me to get to work…

I started from the tutorial « La poule », by adapting it to miss’s demands.

Bu I had a hard time with this one. I started by sewing the zipped pocket. Not a big deal you might think… not so sure…

Having made a too big slit, I put a piece of leatherette to the extremities so as to hide my error. Then I sewed the double of the pocket. I enjoyed what it looked like. Except that, when I assembled the double I realized I hadn’t assembled on one side but on the bottom of the bag. Grrrrrrrrrrr

All right there I go again… Pffff!! My second attempt was much better…The slit was of the right length and at the right place this time.

After all these setbacks, photos below.

The ones of my stupidity :



And those of the finished bag!


I am pretty proud of the results… That one I would really kept it for myself …

Axelle thinks it is « too beautiful » and so do her friends.

The bag comes with a square, doubled, coordinated case with a small pocket for a USB flash drive. The case was pretty much successful as well 😉


Axelle has two sisters who have their own case for the new school year. I will show them to you soon 😉

Beautiful girl !

Here’s a little work … or rather a great work for Eline. If you see lots of kits, wallets and other accessories, I prefer to make clothes for my kids and those of others …

So this jacket was started in June and ended in September. After the photo shoot on a mannequin, I lengthened the sleeves because these kids grows too fast 🙂

I followed the pattern, I’ve just added a hood and some embellishment on the round neck, and along the buttonholes.

The set is made ​​of coated cotton and cotton satin lining (MT). Pretty buttons are from our village’s haberdashery.

cephée 1


cephee4 cephee 2 cephee3

One for Eline’s teacher

Initially, I had the idea to make her a small suitcase. But one day, after the school, she asked me if it was possible to order a pencil kit (same than Eline). I took this opportunity to make and offer her the object she really wants.

The kit is done with coated fabric, big enough, (25 cm) and doubled. Two small badges remind the fabrics used in plum tones.



In the back, a small patchwork of pretty fabrics.


Who is it for ?

For Kiki !

Kilian had his birthday few days before our son, and he is a big boy now, 11 years old. So I wanted to mark the occasion by making him a little homemade present.

It seems teenagers likes small bags to wear over the shoulder so I thought a customized bag could please him !The bag is made with black jeans, lined in electric blue cotton, embroidery is done on a circle of white felt. The strap is coarse.

Pattern is homemade, I tried two times to have a centered zipper

The embroidery can be find on the web, but I don’t remember when !

sac kiki1

sac kiki

A little schoolbag

Our daughter used her little schoolbag for 3 years (when she was 3 to 6), and despite all this time, it is not too « tired » 🙂cartable eline

dos cartableAt home we love this coated fabric, especially our daughter because she was also chosen it for her bag for pool, and also for my miam miam box I will show you soon !

Little Heart

Eline is pretty, she is a (good old fashioned) real girl who loves beautiful fabrics, hearts and any glittering things !

So here is the polar jacket that I have made ​​on the same model as the sport jacket.veste polaire1

veste polaire 2

veste detail

For my lovely daughter…

Eline has long legs, wondering who she looks like (perhaps her father :-))… and a wasp waist. The problem is to find a sweatsuit in which she looks like something else than a bag. Then after several catastrophic fittings in shops, I decided to make her a customized sweatsuit. And a sweatsuit that pleases to her father who has a sweatsuit phobia, who knows why 🙂

survet entierJacket and pants are from an Ottobre’s pattern. Hood and stars are coming from a starry fabric purchased before her birth.

detail survet

The young lady was happy, her daddy also…and our kitten also !

survet  chaton