For Maëva

My articles risk getting a bit more rare as I got back to… primary school! But I still have a couple of creations I have made these last few months to show you.
Nolan was invited to Maeva’s birthday so I nice pillow in miss’colors was born. I used a blanket stitch to apply that name’s letters on both sides, I put a flex with a very pretty dog she likes a lot.






Buttinette tissue and my own reserve
Flex transfert-Id
Embroidery  thread Madeira

A little dress for Eline

Here I am with a little dress for our home’s miss. This very pretty model in finely striped velvet is issued from Ottobre number 6/2013.
The robe has 3/4th sleeves that I stretched out, is doubled in cotton veil, and, above all, it has a girl’s thing: un underskirt in tulle. And that she really likes. The base model is rather large on my pretty one, so I had to reduce the model for about 6 cm on each side so as to be presentable.
To simplify my work I chose a finely striped material with motifs. Not a very good idea though: I had to juggle with joints vertically as well as horizontally.
The result is almost perfect 😉






Finely striped velvet MT
Tulle and cotton veil Eurotissu


Or young sisters…


You certainly remember my holdall bag  made for a 14 years old girl. The latter has two younger sisters who had to have their own new things for the new scholar year. Pencil cases was a rather obvious choice!

And there they are! Both of them customized with their name on it, which was made with the help of my small machine  and having a pressure button  on it 😉
MT Coated fabric and my little haberdashery, butinette cotton and flex-transfer ID 

The new scholar year approaches…

For her CE2 scholar year, Eline had wished new pencil cases or something like sleeves for her crayons and felt pens. I had been doing some research on the Internet but I could not find what I was looking for. So, after doing some thinking, here they are.
Each sleeve may contain 24 crayons or felt pens.
The fabric is coated cotton, doubled in cotton. The reinforcement is made of hard plastic, they close with magnets.
The front is covered by flex chosen by my Chouquette.
– coated cotton MT, cotton MT and Butinette-
– Flex transfer ID made with my Silhouette Portrait-

To complete the panoply…

A new pencil case completes the panoply of our little school girl. It is made of leatherette and decorated with silver flex. This pencil case is also set with silver piping and doubled with flowered cotton.
The leatherette seems ideal for this the of case as it conveys good solidity.
I really like this model which risks to led to more 😉



A big bag for a big girl…

Axelle, 14, had wanted a bag for the beginning of the scholar year. But not just an ordinary one, a holdall bag with: a large holder strap, large handles, three inside pockets, each one adapted to a smartphone, transportations card and canteen card, to her keys and also a hidden zipped pocket!!! The specs being established and the choice of fabric made (leatherette of taupe color), all that was expected was for me to get to work…

I started from the tutorial « La poule », by adapting it to miss’s demands.

Bu I had a hard time with this one. I started by sewing the zipped pocket. Not a big deal you might think… not so sure…

Having made a too big slit, I put a piece of leatherette to the extremities so as to hide my error. Then I sewed the double of the pocket. I enjoyed what it looked like. Except that, when I assembled the double I realized I hadn’t assembled on one side but on the bottom of the bag. Grrrrrrrrrrr

All right there I go again… Pffff!! My second attempt was much better…The slit was of the right length and at the right place this time.

After all these setbacks, photos below.

The ones of my stupidity :



And those of the finished bag!


I am pretty proud of the results… That one I would really kept it for myself …

Axelle thinks it is « too beautiful » and so do her friends.

The bag comes with a square, doubled, coordinated case with a small pocket for a USB flash drive. The case was pretty much successful as well 😉


Axelle has two sisters who have their own case for the new school year. I will show them to you soon 😉

Beautiful girl !

Here’s a little work … or rather a great work for Eline. If you see lots of kits, wallets and other accessories, I prefer to make clothes for my kids and those of others …

So this jacket was started in June and ended in September. After the photo shoot on a mannequin, I lengthened the sleeves because these kids grows too fast 🙂

I followed the pattern, I’ve just added a hood and some embellishment on the round neck, and along the buttonholes.

The set is made ​​of coated cotton and cotton satin lining (MT). Pretty buttons are from our village’s haberdashery.

cephée 1


cephee4 cephee 2 cephee3

Evening dress !

For a cousin’s wedding in early July, I made the outfits for children following the dress code without really knowing it!

For Nolan, I made a vest out from the Burda 2012 series, gray and white cotton linen with thin black stripes tennis.

For the vest: two false pockets in the colors of the liner and false placket in the back.

The pants has been made from the last Ottobre magazine. I added false pockets behind.

For Eline, a princess dress was required and in order to give it even greater significance, I added a tulle petticoat home-made model. The dress is made of white taffeta embroidered and adorned with silver sequins. The bust is lined with white cotton.

The dress is essentially from a Ottobre’s pattern, with as always some changes, like the length. The Day, the little girl wore a pink satin sash with a big knot. She was almost as beautiful as the bride.

Now up to the photos.

pantalon et gilet








Dots and stars !

A new one for the bag serie. Done for my sister with darker color and without any name. I was not sure she is happy to have her name on the bag, so I replaced it by stars.

sac lod1sac lod 2Il lui plaisait, elle l’utilise tout les jours!

tissu enduit, tissus à pois et biais (maison) MT 

Serial kil…painter…

Our kids had new bedrooms few months ago.

Nos loulous ont une nouvelle chambre depuis quelques temps. And who says new room also said new decor !

Noland wanted a dinosaurs bedroom (I think he will become a paleontologist, because he knows the name of a lot of them…He’s 4 years old, but it’s easier for him to say « Brachiosorus » than « there is »…). I used dinosaurs fabric (already seen before) to make these pictures.

tableau5Eline wanted a princess bedroom (I was sure ! Our kids are stereotypes !) I done some frames, painted with flashy colors to enhance the wallpaper. Then I decorated the bottom with stickers. Then I hooked Christmas figurines !

tableau 1